Notice: Impersonation of Leftright Corporate Officers and Employees

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Last updated: November 5, 2021

We are aware that there are individuals impersonating hiring officers and employees of Leftright Corporate. Whilst their agenda is not well understood, they have impersonated representatives of Leftright Corporate and contacted the general public via messages and other online messaging platforms.

Please be informed that, at present, Leftright Corporate only conducts business or other transactions via our official email domain with either or

Any correspondence via social networking services, or communication apps such as WhatsApp and/or LinkedIn that claims to be from an officer or employee of Leftright Corporate seeking to obtain personal information, engage in any form of business, offering employment positions, or other transaction is a hoax.

We advise the public to exercise due caution regarding this matter and always to check back with our official channels. If you wish to verify our hiring positions, you may check our LR careers page, or contact us via our official email: [email protected].

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