Pricing & Service Update for Monthly Bookkeeping

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Last updated: August 24, 2022

Revision of Monthly Bookkeeping Plans and Relevant Packages

Starting 1st September 2022, the following changes will take effect:

  • Reduction of monthly bookkeeping prices across all plans by $20.
  • Xero subscription will no longer be included in the monthly bookkeeping plans, or relevant accounting packages (Monthly Complete Accounting & Compliance).

Why we are making this change

A price increase from Xero is slated from 15th November 2022 and the following plans are affected:

  • Starter plans to increase by $2 a month to $35 a month
  • Standard plans to increase by $5 a month to $55 a month
  • Premium plans to increase by $7 a month to $72 a month

Our bookkeeping services initially includes Xero subscription as well. Rather than increasing our price plans accordingly, we felt both the removal of the inclusion of Xero into our plans, as well as a corresponding price reduction would be inline with the simplification of our pricing methodology.

In addition, our experience with our clientele provided us insights that there are some who prefer to use their own software, or prefer not to use Xero. Our team has decided that simplifying our pricing plan without the inclusion Xero subscription, and hence the price reduction of the bookkeeping plans would better cater to all parties.

Whereby cost savings would be reflected to clients who do not wish to use an accounting software, and clients who prefer to use an accounting software are not limited to only Xero.

How does this affect our existing clients?

You are protected by our price renewal guarantee and you will have the flexibility to choose, whether to onboard our new price plans (after the revision), or continue with the current plan taking into account Xero’s price increase; whichever would be of better value for you.

Please reach out to your account manager if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help with the transition / clarification.

Make sure your company is compliant

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