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An initiative between Leftright Corporate, and Shopee to help Shopee Sellers make their business transition online more smoothly.

As a partner service provider, we’ll be offering exclusive deals to both new and existing Shopee Sellers.

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Promotional Accounting & Compliance Services

In collaboration with Shopee, Leftright Corporate will offer a subsidized price, ranging from 10-15% off all pricing for our Company Secretary, and other Accounting & Compliance services.

Your promotional rate will remain throughout your service engagement with Leftright Corporate.

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Exclusive Deals for Shopee Sellers

Your dedicated account manager

Qualified Company Secretary

Our qualified company secretary, whom is also a local Singaporean will be appointed as your company secretary in ACRA’s registrar.

We’ll keep track of the deadline of your company’s compliance matters relating to both ACRA and IRAS, as well as help with the annual returns filing.

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Financial reports at a glance

Accurate statements every month

With monthly bookkeeping, Xero allows us to generate monthly report that includes the metrics that matter: your inventory statement, merchant fees, cost–of–goods–sold, and more.

We sync with the tools you already use like Shopify, Amazon, Stripe or Paypal, creating a single source of truth. Our mix of experts and software delivers books with unmatched accuracy.

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Hassle free compliance submissions

Yearly filings with ACRA and IRAS

The complete yearly compliance suite. We’ll help with both the computation and filing of your Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI), Annual Returns filing, and Form C/C-S.

Timely filing ensures you’ll never have to pay a late penalty fee again.

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Get more hours in your day. With your company’s accounting and yearly compliance fully managed, you’d be able to focus on the operation and growth of your company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are protected with our renewal price guarantee, where the renewal fees are the same. No price increase. Fixed price each term.

We go against the industry norms. It is common practice for most businesses to charge a low introductory fee, only to charge a higher renewal fee thereafter. It certainly does not feel good to be at the receiving end of such practices.

We understand, and as such we offer the same, consistent price as when you were initially onboarded with us. No price hike, and no bill shock.

As soon as we have your signed acknowledgements, you can expect that we’ll get ahead with the new appointment, or transfer of company secretary on the actual day.

The service providers are aplenty. With such intense competition, customers usually benefit the most. In addition to being able to compare prices, and having higher “bargaining power”, you can also easily switch between different company secretary firms.

Read our 5 tips to consider when selecting a corporate service provider (CSP).

A company secretary is an officer registered in your company’s ACRA record.

The company secretary is not involved in the operations and planning of the business. His or her main purpose and role is to ensure your company meets its mandatory legal and annual compliance. All filings, or lodgements must be submitted to ACRA with proper documentations recorded, and submitted in a timely manner; or be imposed with a fine.

Yes. Every Singapore registered company must appoint at least 1 Company Secretary. This is stated in Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act (Cap. 50). 

For new companies, you must appoint one within 6 months from the date of the incorporation.

Most businesses choose to engage service providers like us to to make sure your company’s annual compliance matters are taken care of.

The main purpose of a Company Secretary is to meet the requirement set out by ACRA and stipulated in the Companies Act – Where every new registered Singapore company must appoint a company secretary within 6 months from its incorporation date. 

The secretary will be the primary officer in charge of numerous administrative and reporting responsibilities. Examples of these requirements include the filing of annual return, recording and filing of board resolution as well as other company compliance matters.

Typically, companies engage the services of a corporate secretarial firm like us. By engaging a corporate secretarial firm, we will provide a Local Singaporean, as your company secretary. He or she will be your direct business account manager for any compliance matters relating to ACRA.

When you engage our services, we appoint our own internal experienced representative as your Company Secretary.

He/She will also be your account manager, and be your direct point of contact. If you have any questions relating to your business, require any additional services, or have any general questions – please reach out.

In line with our core values, our working relationship will be less transactional, and more personal. In other by words, by engaging our services, your Company Secretary would also be your advisor, and business confidant.

Yes. All prices stated on our website are inclusive of all associated filing and government fees. This is contradictory to the industry standards as most service providers do not include such fees in their pricing.

We believe in clear, transparent pricing. No surprises. What you see, is the final amount you’d pay.

Yes the company secretary is the officer of the company and his/or her name must be registered within the ACRA Records.

The company secretaries name will be shown in the Business Profile of the company.

The individual can be in another country, so long as the individual is a Singapore resident –  a Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) or a Singapore Employment Pass or Dependant Pass holder.

In order to act as a company secretary for a Singapore registered company, the individual must be:

  • A natural person;
  • A Singapore resident (i.e. Singapore citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident, or a foreigner who has been issued with an Employment Pass or Dependent Pass); and
  • A person who is knowledgeable about the Singapore Companies Act. he/she must also possess the requisite experience to fulfill the role of a company secretary.

A person who is the sole-director of the company cannot fill the role of both director, and a company secretary.

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