Price Revision Notice – Part 1

Written By: Rachel Sia

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Last updated: February 3, 2021

This is Part 1, of a 2 part series which elaborates on the upcoming price restructuring of Leftright Corporate Pte. Ltd.

Since inception in 2018, Leftright Corporate has helped small businesses with their accounting and compliance. Our vision was to differentiate ourselves through genuine, human communication and transparent & affordable pricing.

Our client base has grown at a steady pace and we’ve now reached an inflection point. We have a deliberate intention to remain a small but effective team, whilst providing the same, or better standard of personal service to current and new clients.

In order to do so, we have decided to revise our pricing of some of our services.

What’s changing?

In current situation, only some of our individual services will have their price revised. No revision will be done to our value packages.

In part 1, individual services except bookkeeping will have their pricing revised. This change will take effect in March 2021.

In part 2, bookkeeping pricing will be revised for ease of understanding and clarity. It will take place by June 2021, and we’ll discuss it in our next update.

Price Revisions in Part 1

Services not mentioned would not have any price changes.

Price revisions to bookkeeping services will be updated in Part 2.

Why the change?

The fundamentals of our company has always been to offer human-level personalized services, at a fair, affordable, and transparent pricing. We do this through a deliberate decision to remain a small and cohesive team.

At our current pricing, we’re steadily growing our number of clients; and to be able to offer the same, or better level of service, something has got to give.

We were presented with the option to either increase the size of our team, which may decrease the level of personalized service or to revise our pricing which allows us to allocate more resources to technological advancements that would help our small team continue to be effective.

It was not a difficult decision to make between the 2 options because, our pricing still continues to be around, or in some cases lower than the industry’s. In addition, there is no change to our pricing methodology – which is the cumulative result of a balance between reasonable margins and the size of our company.

How does this impact you?

We understand that price revision of any kind, whether increase or decrease is sensitive. Despite multiple internal discussions, we know a price revision will be impending. It is only a matter of when, how, and by how much.

As we look back at the past 3 years, we are here where we are, only because of your support – our clients and partners. Price changes, no matter how much advance notice is given usually are not welcomed news.

That is why, for all of our existing clients – this price change, in both part 1, and the upcoming part 2 will not affect you. Our services to you would remain at the same price, and our renewal price lock guarantee still stands.

In other words, you can expect your price to remain the same, or lower (if applicable). We appreciate your support throughout the years, and we think this would only be fair.

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