Notification on Appointment of Registered Filing Agent

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Last updated: December 20, 2019

The latest news and updates from ACRA pertaining to appointment of your Registered Filing Agent.

Update to Appointment of Registered Filing Agent

Beginning 1st October 2019, any Company or Business Entity that appoints a Registered Filing Agent (RFA) to transact with ACRA in BizFile – ACRA’s online business filing and information portal; will receive a notification letter from ACRA on the appointment of the RFA.

This letter serves only as a notification and no action is required from the Company if the appointment of the RFA is in order.

Enhancement to BizFile Dashboard

ACRA has taken the initiative to enhance transparency and provide convenience to Companies and Business Entities in keeping track of the RFA they have appointed, all position holders, including officer, partner or owner of the business entity, can now login to BizFile portal at with their CorpPass to view information on the RFA or remove the RFA via the dashboard in BizFile. Once the RFA is removed, the RFA will not be able to perform any BizFile related transactions on your behalf.

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